The Nazi In Me

He stares back at me with big round eyes full of tears. 

His face and posture have changed. 

He is no longer a teenager asking for help, but the almost 50-year-old adult man. 

For the first time in his adult life, he allowed himself to look at his grandfather, one of his ancestors, with the love of the grandson. 

A grandparent who was a Nazi in World War II Germany. 

The family taboo is broken, we’re looking at the shattered mirror parts. 

Each piece reflects love, for him. 

A blockage has been cleared. Right in front of our eyes, deep in the heart. 

He’s standing there, for a few minutes, at the focal point of his family's stream of love. 

One of the healing turning points of this individual LIP constellation. 

The family member who was once been excluded from the family system is taking his place, in the heart of his grandson, his descendant. 

And thus the male power also reappears and becomes stronger in him. 

His face and posture have changed. 

His look, his presence. His energy. 

The first individual constellation I facilitated in English. 

I am grateful to my talent for languages. 

Taking the Nazi grandfather into your heart does not mean that you will become a Nazi yourself. It means that I can see and look at the difficult fate of my ancestor without any judgment. At the story of my own blood.At the life of my ancestors, as it was. And is.

In your life, in your family, who’s being excluded?


"Love means accepting reality as it is." Wilfried Nelles


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"The family system can be healed by one thing: if the descendants dare to be happy." (Hellinger) 

When everyone in my family, living and dead, has a place in my heart, I feel complete. As long as even one person is excluded, I feel incomplete. When everyone is gathered in me, I will be free.” Hellinger 

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