Magic MIRROR - On symptoms and healing


On symptoms and healing 


A client came in with a visible symptom on her face. 

After the individual constellation session, I notice that she keeps looking at herself in the mirror in the vestibule, before she leaves. 

I look closely too, curious. I see her adult, calm, beautiful look. 

The symptom disappeared. 

Withdrew itself. Calmed down. 

The symptom that, during the constellation, was also clearly shown through her life story. 

That is, the source, the root of the physical symptom, found in her soul. 

The symptom is an honest mirror.  

Maybe the heavy rain, the storm and the renovations in 3 apartments around us, the neighbor shouting untiringly at her mother with Alzheimer, all these propelled and pushed us towards that very moment when a big secret was exposed in the safe space of the constellations. Something important was called by name. 

A somatization by-the-book. 

The symptom as an echo of a trauma. 

I saw the happiness and amazement on her face in the mirror. 

To what extent a symptom is cured, no one can say. How long the peace remains, and that healing state, we cannot know. 

There and then, within a constellation of less than an hour, behold, the visible miracle was shown.  

Everything is possible, I wonder too, with joy and gratitude. 

An individual constellation because she could not expose herself to the group with her problem. Not all of us are ready for group constellation therapy. 

I did not create this change. 

I just prepared all the necessary ingredients in one place, held the safe space, for the change to manifest itself. To unfold. And I stirred from time to time, a little, with the wooden spoon of the authentic presence in the pot of the great soul within and around us. 

And with great gratitude to Life, for the fact that I can have something like this in my life. 

Something like this, which inspires me too, to take another step, and another, forward, in my own life, in my own healing. 

In the right direction, where something pulls us towards the future. The secrets of our future, which we feel, see, more or less clearly. 

While in the present we have all kinds of secrets, which we don't talk about, sometimes for a lifetime. Maybe the time has come for you too. To open up. To your heart. If so, I look forward to seeing you @ individual constellations online and offline! 🙏 ✨ ❤️  


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