On Individual Constellations

A few days ago, someone asked me how my day was.

Inspiring, I reply, smiling, after some thought. 

And indeed, I am filled with an intimate, calm feeling of gratitude, as I accompanied two clients for a few hours in their internal healing processes, in the safe frame of the individual constellations, that day. Every difficult fate that I witness makes me even more humble and even more grateful for my own healing processes. I owe them my broad-spectrum sensitivity.

He doesn't know how to understand it, but then a little later he asks: what do you mean by  inspiring?!

Well, to see the hard shell surrounding the tender heart falling apart.

If this doesn’t happen, there’s nothing to sprout.

It’s that simple. Nothing complicated.

And then I realize, I see myself back then as a teenager, just like then, since then, all the time, even now, in all relationships and situations and human connections, from a few seconds in a shared elevator ride to years long or decades-long friendships or relationships, this is the most important thing for me. This is the basis of all, for me. If there is no heart, there is nothing. In other words, if we can't have that gentle open heart, this is what happens, this is what we get, have a look at the world around you now, in a broader sense.

I am here if your heart would open, if it’s squeezed and suffocated by the hard shell around it, and you are ready to allow yourself to open up to Life and the New, here and now.

"Love means accepting reality as it is." Wilfried Nelles

Individual constellations, online or offline 🙏 ✨ ❤️ 

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