2 Hours Deep Relax Music with Tibetan Singing Bowls


The Tibetan singing bowls can create a special, gentle and safe sound-womb around us where we can slow down, relax deeply and have a rest. With their help we can create a healing harmony island in our noisy-glitchy everyday life. These sounds purify our mind, relax our bodies, gently „massage” our energy bodies and finetune our whole being to harmony. While listening please don’t force either the relaxation either the meditative or spiritual experience, instead give yourself to the sounds as completely as you can and let them guide you back into yourself and the present moment. It might help if you visualize the sounds expanding in golden concentric or spiral circles and cleaning everything in you and your surroundings. 

For best experience listen to the music on quality speakers and at a moderate, soothing volume. It is not recommended to listen to the album with earphones and while driving. If you don’t like the music or it doesn’t make you feel good you should not force it in hope for attaining any spiritual, psychological or health goals! Our goal with these sound meditations should not be the mere esthetical pleasure but the relaxation, the process of letting go, the inner journey and the subjective meditative experience (just like in the case of the personalized sound massage sessions, group sounds bath or yoga nidra). Things can pop up from our subconscious and intense emotive reactions can occur, please welcome them gently and ask for guidance if needed. 

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step – says the Chinese proverb. Likewise, one single conscious breath of pure silence can become a milestone on the journey towards tranquility, peace and healing. I wish that these sound meditations become your trustful fellow-travelers on the inner journey. Bon voyage! 

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